Stories of love

Creating a better life for animals

At Twin Willows ranch we have rescued animals dozens of times, gave them a home and quality life. We’re thrilled to share some of these wonderful stories of love. 


One  Summer day, we received a call from our local brand inspector who asked if we would be willing to adopt a blind horse. He was being fostered by an old cowboy who could no longer care for him.

After meeting the horse, we immediately decided to adopt him. Gilly was brought to the ranch where he began his new life.

Gilly enjoys his days with his best friend, a mare named Lady. They are often joined by our goats and the ravens who like to share the horse’s meal.


On a winter day, we found a 6 month old black Angus calf curled up in the meadow on a neighbor’s property. She was badly wounded, had lost her back hooves and part of her ear to frostbite. We were able to locate the owner who gave us the calf. We named her Meadow.

Seeing Meadow in this heartbreaking condition and fearing for her life, we approached the veterinarians at Colorado State University, to see if they could help her. After assuring us that surgery would allow her a quality, pain- free life, the doctors amputated a portion of Meadow’s hind legs and she was fitted with prosthetic boots that a company developed especially for her. The surgery was a great success and Meadow is now believed to be the first cow with double-leg prosthetics.

Meadow lived a short but happy life at Twin Willows. She became part of our ranch family and a gift to all of us. We enjoyed every moment watching her joyful twirling and kicking up her heels. She would always be remembered with love

Welcoming & loving every creature

Many of our dogs and cats have appeared at the ranch. Some have come over the mountains, some have walked through the gate, a few have been picked up on the highways. All have been welcomed and loved.

Elkon John

Elkon John appeared in one of the horse pastures, he was a slightly injured young elk who couldn’t jump the fences with his herd. Elkon stayed at the ranch and became friends with the horses and cattle. Our visitors, particularly children, loved to go see him. Elkon was finally strong enough to leave and for short while he came back to visit us.


Saving the life of one animal won’t change the world, but it would save the world for that one animal.

Unknow author



Garbo is a gentle draft horse who came to us with her sister Greta from a noted horse sanctuary in New York state. They had been rescued from a Premarin farm.

Garbo, a shy beauty lives up to her name after the famous Swedish actress Greta Garbo.


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