Preserving the land in the Lefebres Canyon

At Twin Willows, we are constantly trying new ideas to make ecological improvements on the ranch. We collaborate with a diverse group of specialists to understand and restore the ecology of the ranch. During these years, we have rejuvenated the pastureland, trimmed the mesas, and restored the creeks to sustain the delicate balance of this vibrant ecosystem, and offer a welcoming place for the abundant wildlife. We’re aware that if the land is improperly used, this balance can be disrupted with long-term effects.

For several years, we have been running the Land & Water Program. This program focuses on sustainable management of the land and its different ecosystems (rangeland, riparian, forest) to promote and foster biodiversity so that the quality of life of the flora and fauna surrounding us is improved, and the ranch and the local community benefit from the ecological services of a healthy system.

The Land & Water Program is divided into two sections:

Ranch Ecology

As the ranch evolved from a commercial cutting horse facility to an animal sanctuary and conservation space, we now focus on land health and environmental stewardship. Our efforts are dedicated to protecting and improving the ecological functions of the ranch ecosystems through a variety of activities like riparian restoration, water management, and erosion control, forest thinning, vegetation monitoring, and rotational grazing. We believe that appropriate land management practices can restore the land to a healthy state.


Wildlife Conservation

The wildlife in New Mexico is extremely diverse. The size, terrain, and climate make it one of the more biologically diverse states in the nation. Twin Willows Ranch has a variety of ecosystems from grasslands, riparian areas to forests which place a huge diversity of animal species. Our Conservation Program focuses on the monitoring of birds and bee species.

Conservation work

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